photo by Yana Lozeva
Lou Couton (she/her) is a French performance artist based in Brussels, Belgium and Sofia, Bulgaria.
She graduated from the dance academy SEAD in Austria. 
Lou collaborated with Bodhi Project Company before starting to work as a freelance artist.
She collaborates with artists in the fields of dance, performance and cinema as well as developing her own work.
In the past few months, she performed in different projects for Damien Jalet, Silvia Cherneva and the musician Seekind.
Her artistic research examines human experiences with curiosity through performance, film, interviews and writing.
She created the interview channel @aboutlittlebeings (2020), the solo piece “a beginner's guide to understanding humans” (2022) and the solo « Through their eyes » (2023).
In December 2023, « Through their eyes » received the 1st prize for choreography at the Brussels Dance contest.
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