In October 2020, six months after COVID hit, I created @aboutlittlebeings. It is an ongoing project focusing on people’s thoughts and understanding of life. 
With a list of 150 questions, I organised interviews and filmed people from different age, country, culture etc. 
With Covid, touching became almost prohibited, distancing encouraged and humans slowly were developing a fear for one another.“About little beings” is an attempt to get closer, to take time to observe, listen and understand the other. To try and develop empathy instead of fear or hatred.

It is a proposition aiming to show people the complexity of humanity and how different yet similar we all are. @aboutlittlebeings wishes for people to start questioning themselves as they look and listen others doing it ; to understand others in order to understand ourselves. And the same goes in the opposite way, only if we start to tolerate ourselves, we can start to tolerate others.
@aboutlittlebeings exists on Instagram in the format of short videos.

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